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Trivia Competition

Q: How does the trivia work?

⚡️There will be 3 sets of 20 multiple choice questions and the faster you answer, the more points you earn. You lose points for a wrong answer. 
⚡️The game will pause after question 20 and 40, and will restart at the times given on your lanyard. The first round will show a countdown timer signifying how long until the game starts, but the next two rounds will not - it’s up to you to be ready to play! 

⚡️The first question is a practice and doesn't count towards your overall score!
⚡️We do not anticipate any technical issues for anybody, but we will send an email after check in closes to all of your inboxes, with a clickable link to each of the trivia rounds just in case your phone is old or struggling with our website for any reason. 
⚡️You must have a smart phone with data to play. The trivia is designed for individuals, but you can play as a team - it just means you would have to share one smart phone between you. If you do play as a team, you must use the same smart phone in each round, or the app will not recognize you and therefore your scores will not be added correctly.

⚡️The trivia app will ask for your contact number to register, so that we reach you if you are the winner.

⚡️In the unlikely event of a tie, the tied contestants will receive a text about a tiebreaker round later in the night.

Good luck!